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Grow Your Business Faster with Business Growth and Mindset Coaching

We work with solepreneurs & entrepreneurs who are passionate about their offering but lack of knowledge, skill, and support needed to run their business.


At BLIMPED, we will show you how to seamlessly grow your business beyond your expectations by placing inexpensive automated systems & lead generation processes to increase sales, so your business can run autonomously.


This will involves changing the way you think about your business and yourself. We understand this, and so, we align these changes with proven mindset techniques & executive profiling so as to remove your fear and procrastination.


We also know, without proper leadership, business continuity is at risk. All our programs include how to become the modern game changing leader training. We train you and your teams on leadership, so as to create the trustworthy and collaborative team environment necessary for a successful business.

So, What does BLIMPED mean?

What is currently your biggest business challenge?

  • Deciding when is the right time to start a new business and creating the perfect transformational roadmap for success in it?
  • Difficulty in leading your business to a new level of profitability and success?
  • Trying to reinventing yourself or your business in a new market or industry?
  • Continually losing out to a competitor for an opportunity or your trained staff to your competitors?
  • Trying to assemble the knowledge and skills you’ll need to win a CEO or MD role?
  • Losing time to resolving conflicts between teams or struggling to build the right team?
  • Leading your team into unfamiliar territory (like a merger, acquisition, joint venture or start-up)?
  • Securing your first paid non-executive directorship?
  • Still trying to decide on when is the right time to start hiring and building a team who will lead you to success?


We have discovered there are 7 consistent building blocks needed for any business to be successful and for team members to be performing at their peak. B.L.I.M.P.E.D. is a representation of these blocks. These blocks are aligned to the type of business you are currently leading. We will now break each of the blocks.


Business must understand their purpose, vision & values. Without these, they are like a boat sailing the seas aimlessly. Only once these are established can the business create their mission to which they can align themselves and their team for success.


Empowering leadership is crucial in today’s changing marketplace. With the ever technologocal advances, new generations entering the workforce & organisations seeking more agile approaches within their business, without the right Game Changing Leaders, an organisation will fall.


The market will always be searching for something new – and you, not your competitors, must be the ones to give it to them. Understanding and enacting some principles is essential to kick-starting a state of constant and successful evolution in your business.


Organisations need to learn how to engage, connect and empower with purpose and influence using proven marketing techniques. Techniques used by only a few who know how – the few who are now a success story, like Uber, AirBnB & Toyota.


A successful business owner can read Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheets and understand the difference between Cashflow & Net Profit.


Continual training is not only to ensure team members and executives are at the top of their game but also it provides these recipients with the confidence their organisation has made an investment in them, and so they believe in them.


Business Development involves strategies for streamlining business processes, onboarding processes, and professional development thru coaching.

Our Process

We follow our 5-Step Blueprint Process. Underlying our process, we ensure we grow the Leadership traits that is a requirement for business success.

HOW WE WORK - Our Five-Step Process



Identity what is driving your current results: beliefs, patterns, and choices. Understanding your pains, challenges, and gains.




Evaluate current results and establish new and clear direction. Develop a plan by identifying new beliefs, patterns, and choices that produce results in line with your new direction.




Gain clarity around your personal and company vision, core values, and norms. Bring simplicity by confronting things, not in line with company vision and values. Address issues, company dynamics, debrief and follow up.




Set goals, create systems, methods of implementation and accountability for action.




Measure the changes. Depending on the intended goals, a measurement may be financial, physical and/or mental state of you and your team member.

LEADERSHIP is the underlying driver of any organisation. Throughout these five-step process, leadership should be instilled not just at the executive level, but throughout the organisation from the top to the bottom. Without it, the organisation will be directionless.


We understand that a truly great vision will come to life in the everyday actions and behavior of the business team. It becomes part of the organisation's culture.


Our vision is to completely ensure our clients are surrounded by smart and passionate people who will motivate, inspire and educate them using the best tools and approaches so that they can take giant leaps towards creating a successful organisation.

Provide cutting-edge tools for success

Instil proven methodologies for growth of our clients business

Train and educate all who wish to grow

Show HOW-TO to those who want more from their current situation


At BLIMPED, our Mission is to ensure we:

Train tomorrow’s Leaders, Executives and Professional Team Members enabling them exponential growth in business.

Train today’s Leaders and Professional Team Members to scale up their business & personal growth through proven tailored strategies.

We throw the rule book out the window and teach forward thinkers how to achieve success in a very short period of time.

We want to be fun and funky without losing sight of our vision.

We take the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels and those who see things differently and ready them in the shortest time for success in today’s market.

We understanding that by partnering with our clients and providing them with the right strategy, their success is our success.

Leadership Group Coaching

Numerous studies have been conducted outlining the benefits of mentoring in the workplace and the effect it has on career, health, job satisfaction and job performance.
We have designed a product to assist with mentoring professional staff members.The aim of the group mentoring are 4-fold:

Business Improvement Coaching

Modern day marketing has changed. Organisations have learned to streamline their processes with cloud services, a new style of sales funnels, and proven methods that have been around for many years but forgotten by all except a few successful business.

One On One Coaching

We use world class proven method such as DISC, Workplace Motivators & EQ Behavioral Profiling to help leadership team members become self-aware and learn how to read, influence and lead others in the process.

Motivational Keynotes

Corporate events, leadership meetings, Annual General Meetings, Team Building event - they all require the audience to be motivated and ready to take onboard the agenda. Keynotes are designed to inspire, challenge and motivate large audiences
into action.


Get to know the people behind BLIMPED.

Gez Perez

Gez Perez is a Mindset Growth Coach. He is passionate about empowering people to take charge of their lives and take it to the next level so they can achieve personal success.

Razz Khan

Razz is a Business Growth Coach. Razz has worked for national and international businesses, owned numerous businesses and has assisted many business owners to go from struggling to success by using proven traditional business techniques and newer agile lean methodologies.


You are our team member once you come on board. Why? Everyone on our team is family. As our tagline states – Your Success is Our Success.


Anyone can say they're great but it sounds so much better coming from our amazing clients.

Philanthropist & Miss Philippines – Australia, 2015

I will be eternally grateful to Gez for he’s guidance that has led me down the road to success.

Rica Sey

Awesome Support

Coach & Trainer, Be More Awesome

Thanks to Gez my personal and work life have been taken to a whole new level and I am now enjoying success's that I know I would not be enjoying without this breakthrough

Sharon Grant


Innovative Marketing Strategy

It has been exciting with the new way of Marketing for our business. I highly recommend Razz


HAUS Property & Maintenance Repairs

Professional team

It has been exciting with the new way of Marketing for our business. I highly recommend Gez & Razz

John Shalala

Owner, Ray White Croydon

Highly recommend their coaching for any business

My team and I really appreciate the motivational sessions with Gez & Razz on our staff meeting nights and with their review of my business processes I am now able to step away from my business and enjoy life alot more

Keven ye

Gloria Jeans North Strathfield

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