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Grow Your Business Faster with Business Growth and Mindset Coaching

We work with solepreneurs & entrepreneurs who are passionate about their offering but lack of knowledge, skill, and support needed to run their business.


At BLIMPED, we will show you how to seamlessly grow your business beyond your expectations by placing inexpensive automated systems & lead generation processes to increase sales, so your business can run autonomously.


This will involves changing the way you think about your business and yourself. We understand this, and so, we align these changes with proven mindset techniques & executive profiling so as to remove your fear and procrastination.


We also know, without proper leadership, business continuity is at risk. All our programs include how to become the modern game changing leader training. We train you and your teams on leadership, so as to create the trustworthy and collaborative team environment necessary for a successful business.

So, What does BLIMPED mean?

What is currently your biggest business challenge?

  • Deciding when is the right time to start a new business and creating the perfect transformational roadmap for success in it?
  • Difficulty in leading your business to a new level of profitability and success?
  • Trying to reinventing yourself or your business in a new market or industry?
  • Continually losing out to a competitor for an opportunity or your trained staff to your competitors?
  • Trying to assemble the knowledge and skills you’ll need to win a CEO or MD role?
  • Losing time to resolving conflicts between teams or struggling to build the right team?
  • Leading your team into unfamiliar territory (like a merger, acquisition, joint venture or start-up)?
  • Securing your first paid non-executive directorship?
  • Still trying to decide on when is the right time to start hiring and building a team who will lead you to success?